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Home Page

The Dashboard home page allows the dealer to have at a glance the most important information on the dealership status.

 It consists of the following components:

  • It starts with the overall KPIs in a specific period of time. This allows to see the growth or decrease of leads or views.
  • A performance chart helps to compare generated views or search appearances with the average dealership on AutoScout24.
  • We analyze each listing through 3 Quality scores and provide insights on how complete or detailed a listing is, how is the price comparing to our estimated market price and how well it performs (popularity) on AutoScout24 platform.
  • An overview of the available products and consumables status helps dealers know when they run out or what they are missing out on.
  • And having an eye on the rating results on the first page will keep the dealers thinking towards customer satisfaction inevitably.

Vehicle Page

This page is  the main working horse for any dealer. It provides a detailed overview for all vehicles, powered by detailed filters, search and sorting options.

Card View

Table View

Details Page

By opening details page of a listing, the dealer can see exactly where the problems are and what to do in order to improve the chance of selling faster at a better price.

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