Logo Creation

This project was very interesting especially on the part of researching. Being a logo for a company that produces handmade Moldavian traditional clothes, I've decided it should include traditional symbols. It ended up being a composition of:

The Tree of Life

also called the tree of wisdom or the tree of the nation, embodies the fruitful force of the living nature, is represented by symmetrical branches at the heads of flowers of a rhombic shape.

Spiral sprouts

It represent energy. The regenerative energy, the universal movement, which is also found in man

The Dove

 is the universal symbol of peace and hope, it is the bird that brought the olive branch to Noah as a sign that the flood has ceased and that it is a new beginning.

The Sun

The sun is a generator of life, and his brilliance provokes the manifestation of things. The sun does not only make things perceptible, it also forms the starting point and has the function of measuring the space shown.

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